What are You Protesting About?

Posted: 8th Nov
Harts - what are you protesting about?

Everyone seems to be on a protest or campaign at the moment. We have Just Oil blocking roads, scaling bridges and spraying everything orange. Not sure why orange but how about using other colours as well and covering up some of the graffiti around our streets at the same time? That would be a bit more useful.

That said, I may have painted the town red on a few occasions! Anyway, that campaign seems to be backfiring as the general public seems to be getting fed up with their protests which don’t seem to advance their cause. Not only that, but it contributes to global warming and costs a lot to police and put right.

Then we had the campaign for the Greater Manchester clean air zone. So the powers that be, decided that they should spend zillions of pounds putting up cameras and signs all over the northwest. That didn’t work either and now whenever you drive around the area we are told it’s “under review”, whatever that means. Had it gone ahead it would have put many small companies out of business.

We have a shortage of doctors and GPs so the obvious thing would be to train more of them. Did you know there is a cap on the number of medical students we can train each year? Surely, a great campaign would be to increase the limit and solve some of the staffing crises in the NHS. Yet, why is no one taking this up as a campaign?

Most recently, part of Liz Truss’s leadership campaign was to dramatically cut taxes. That didn’t go too well either. If you are going to have a campaign, then at least plan it out properly and think of the consequences that may result from your actions. As the old saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. This applies to most things in life and especially to your business. Do you have a plan as to where your business is going over the next 12 months to five years? If you don’t then you should have. It will make a massive difference to you and your company giving you the lifestyle you deserve. I work with a range of small businesses helping them to plan their future, so please get in touch and I would be delighted to help. We offer a free initial discussion to all new clients.

In the meantime, don’t be surprised to see me with a placard protesting about there being no right filter onto Kingsway at the Gatley junction. Does anyone want to join me?