The Gauntlet Games

Posted: 18th Sep
The Gauntlet Games

On 16th September, a team from Harts took part in the Manchester 10k Gauntlet Games to raise money for The Windyways Trust & Christies Hospital and we are delighted to say that they all made it to the finish line safe and sound!

The Gauntlet Games features 10 water and inflatable-based obstacles including the Flume of Doom, Monkey Business and a Belly Slide. For more information or details on how to take part yourself, go to The Gauntlet Games website.

Because of their fundraising efforts they raised £559 in donations, and Harts Directors have matched this pound for pound bringing the total to £1,118.

Windyways Trust is a Macclesfield based Charity that supports the work of Windyway Animal Rescue which started in the 1960’s by Mr and Mrs Nall when they started to rescue abandoned and neglected dogs in their own home at Windyway Head Farm. The farm is now owned by Wendy Dawber and her family who continue this good work and now they include rescue and rehoming for Cats, Rabbits, Chickens, Guinea Pigs and Horses as well as Dogs.

Congratulations to all that took part in The Gauntlet Games and thank you to everyone who donated.