Telling whoppers or giving smackers?

Posted: 12th Aug
Giving Kissers or telling whoppers

Well, would you believe it? Even the National press is coming on board with my belief that accountants are definitely not boring.

Those of you who read these articles on a regular basis will know that I’m on a mission to prove that we bean counters are actually quite out there and now the Daily Mail has come to our aid. In a survey published by that esteemed national newspaper, we have been voted the best kissers ahead of doctors, nurses and engineers.

The survey was of 2000 people conducted by the dating site Plenty of Fish. Though I’m not sure Mrs G will be too happy as lawyers, of which she is a very good one, come near the bottom of the list! I do have to admit though, that I did not contribute to the research to check its validity but was very happy, in the interests of accuracy, of course, to attempt to confirm the findings!

Well, this brings me neatly to this month’s business article. Sort of.

Whatever politics you follow, you can’t have missed the fact that we are getting a new prime minister and what seems to have come out of all of this, is that honesty and integrity still count for something in the world today. More importantly, so does leadership.

Are you, a business owner, giving your business the leadership it deserves? Do you have a plan which everyone buys into? Do you listen to advice when it is given and act appropriately or just carry on blindly, ignoring everyone else?

Don’t stick your head in the sand as there are always plenty of people out there to help you run your business and reach the goals you have set yourself. I work with a number of businesses to help them achieve this and the result can be spectacular. Barriers are often put in your way but invariably these can be overcome one way or another. We come up with solutions to overcome many of the issues to help guide your business in the right direction and keep it on track to meet your business and personal objectives.

But the one thing that your business must have, is a plan. Yes, we all make mistakes on the way to achieving our goals and many of these don’t matter very much. But if you do make some whoppers, admit them and move on. That’s at least one thing we can learn from BJ.

Now, back to that research…….

This article was written by Steven Glicher