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Added: 21st Oct
Harts Accountants - Tax Relief R&D

R&D Tax Relief Business Breakfast

Valuable tax relief is available to companies that undertake Research & Development (R&D).  R&D Tax Relief can be worth as much as 25 pence for each £1 of expenditure. What is often not realised is how broad the definition of research and development is. And this means that many companies…


Added: 14th Aug
How to build a business you can sell - Harts Accountants

How to Build a Business you can Sell

You started your business for the freedom that comes with running your own company; the freedom to earn what you deserve, and to work for whoever you want, when you want, and from wherever you want. Ultimately there comes a time when you want to sell that business, and more…


Added: 19th Jun
Harts Accountants Macclesfield Business Update Cashflow

Business Breakfast Seminar – Cashflow

Our next Business Breakfast event takes place on Thursday 11th July at our offices in Macclesfield. The focus is Cashflow - the life blood of your business. Ensuring consistent and predictable cash flow is often the one crucial difference between success and failure for a business. Join us over breakfast…


Added: 1st Apr
Harts Cybersecurity and Cybercrime

Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

The next Business Breakfast on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime takes place on Thursday 9th May 2019 at the Harts office in Macclesfield. The topic of Cybersecurity and Cybercrime looks at fake boss fraud to ransomware, why your business is at risk and what you can do to protect it. Prism IT…


Added: 15th Jan
How to build a business you can sell - Harts Accountants

Tax Year Planning – are you in control?

Tax planning should be a year-round activity, but it is particularly important as the tax year draws to a close. In some respects, the scope for tax-free investing has never been better. Generous tax reliefs can still be gained via pension contributions, either by an individual, company or both. 30%…


Added: 7th Aug
Harts Summer Newsletter 2018

Summer Newsletter 2018

Our Summer Newsletter 2018 is now available for reading and or downloading online. In this issue we cover: Paying family members: get it right - there are special rules to be considered New tax year, new tax plans - we look at the disposing of capital assets, making the most…