North Cheshire Business Mastermind

Posted: 6th May
North Cheshire Business Mastermind

The new North Cheshire Business Mastermind will be launched on Tuesday 19th May at 2.00pm.

This Business Mastermind is aimed at helping SME’s across the North Cheshire region to access support on business issues they may be encountering. This will be running through the current Coronavirus situation and beyond.

This is a free event run via Zoom video conferencing and provides attendees access to a specially selected panel of 9 local business ‘Masterminds’ including Harts Accountants Director Steven Glicher.

Attendees are invited to submit up to 2 questions for our panel of experts to help you with, and attendees will be split into 8 ‘rooms’ to discuss these issues, and hopefully get them resolved. It is also a great opportunity to network with local business owners.

Other panellists have expertise in HR, Recruitment, IT, Mindset & Wellbeing, Business Coaching, Marketing, Websites and SEO as well as the North Cheshire Chamber.

Attendees don’t have to have a particular issue but can come along and select 2 areas you have an interest in. You may actually learn something new, but more importantly you may actually be able to help another local business in your group.

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  • Steven Glicher – Harts Accountants
  • Kate Pexton – Contrast Recruitment
  • Carl Enser – Fabric IT
  • Becky Reardon – Embrace Marketing
  • Fabio Mazzieri – Inspiire Coaching
  • Fiona Drake – Fiona Drake
  • Steve Morton – Nettl Macclesfield
  • Amir Khan – Thorneycroft Solicitors
  • Sue Bowden – North Cheshire Chamber of Commerce