Lifeshare 2019

Posted: 10th Dec
Harts Macclesfield Lifeshare

Sadly, we all know too well that Christmas can be a time of loneliness, hardship and depression for many and that brings with it an increased risk of suicide. It is also a particularly vulnerable time for those who are sleeping rough – in 2009, overnight temperatures dropped to a record low of minus 17.6 degrees.

Harts Macclesfield
Harts team with the Lifeshare donations

In 2018 one of our team volunteered for some shifts over the Christmas period for Lifeshare in Manchester and brought our attention to the incredible work they undertake for homeless people, we wanted to help too.

Last year through staff donations and fund matching from the Directors at Harts we collected enough money to buy and fill 12 care packages. This year we have focused on providing Lifeshare with heat saving mats, sleeping bags and other essentials such as torches, flasks, warm hats, gloves and scarves, hand-warmers, chocolate bars and toiletries (including feminine hygiene items, wet wipes, hand sanitiser, deodorant etc).

Lifeshare offer a Christmas Drop-in Service for homeless and vulnerable people who need comfort and support more than at any other time when a lack of friends and family with whom to spend the festive period only exaggerates the feeling of isolation. For further information or how you can help too, visit the Lifeshare website