Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone

Posted: 6th Dec

Well, it had to happen at some point, but the congestion charge seen at other cities around the country is finally coming to Greater Manchester.

You may have seen small signs starting to pop up around the area with the date May 2022 on them. Well, this is telling you that you are in the zone and the date it becomes active, which is 30 May 2022. According to the website, “It’s designed to protect everyone’s health by bringing harmful nitrogen dioxide air pollution at the roadside within legal limits as soon as possible.” Is this just another way of extracting cash from the motorist? Whatever, it’s coming, so you need to be prepared.

The good news is that private cars, motorbikes, and mopeds are not included…… for now!

Some vehicles that do not meet the standard will be charged to drive in the clean air zone. The zone covers the whole of Greater Manchester, from Stockport to Rochdale and Wigan to Oldham.

What will it cost me?

For Vans

You will need to pay a £10 daily charge to travel in the Zone from 1 June 2023 if:

You own a panel or box van, car-derived van, pickup, flatbed truck, motorised horsebox (up to 3.5t when carrying a load), or minibus (between eight and 16 passenger seats).


It has a Euro 5 or earlier diesel engine (typically registered before 2016).


It has a Euro 3 or earlier petrol engine (typically registered before 2005).

For HGV’s.

You will need to pay a £60 daily charge to travel in the Zone from 30 May 2022 if:

You own an N2 or N3 category vehicle – e.g. an articulated or rigid HGV, flatbed lorry, two-axle lorry, motorcaravan with an HGV tax classification (over 3.5t) or motorised horsebox (over 3.5t).


It has a Euro V or earlier diesel engine (typically registered before 2013).

There are also rules for Buses, coaches and minibuses.

Based on this, now would be a good time to review your fleet to see if you need to upgrade your vehicles. Bear in mind that the super deduction is available if you need to do this which enables you to reduce your corporation tax liability significantly on the replacement of vehicles.

You may also be eligible for funding to upgrade vehicles and more information on this and the whole of the clean air zone can be found at www.cleanairgm.com