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Posted: 23rd Dec
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The Chancellor yesterday announced new business support measures.

These are primarily for those sectors most affected by the drop in consumer confidence following the Omicron outbreak and the government’s implementation of “Plan B”.

The majority of the additional business support is targeted to the hospitality, leisure and cultural sectors of the economy and will be provided in the form of grants. The government has announced that it will make one-off grants of up to £6000 per premises for business in the hospitality and leisure sectors, with the level of the grant equal to the monthly amount provided to hospitality businesses earlier in 2021 when they were closed. It has been announced that the grants will be administered by local authorities and will be available “in the coming weeks”.

The government has also recognised that many businesses will incur significant sick pay costs where staff are either unable to work, either due to having the symptoms of Covid-19 themselves or because they are required to quarantine. It has therefore has reinstated the ability for businesses with up to 250 employees to reclaim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for Covid related absences. There is however no return to general wage subsidies or furlough.

The government has said that it will be possible to make SSP claims retrospectively from mid-January. We will be able to assist our clients with making these claims.

Click here for further details of the government announcement

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