David Rutley MP calls on the Government and HMRC to improve communications in order to better help businesses

Posted: 20th Dec
Macclesfield Chartered Accountant Manchester

Macclesfield MP David Rutley called for the government and HMRC to improve communications in order to give businesses the confidence and knowledge they need to succeed.

Rutley was speaking at a business club event hosted by local law firm SAS Daniels and Harts Chartered Accountants. The event at Adlington Hall on 15th November saw the best and brightest of Macclesfield’s business men and women gather to enjoy an afternoon of networking and an insight into the Macclesfield business community and its future from the constituency’s representative in the House of Commons.

Rutley’s speech touched upon the area’s higher than average number of female entrepreneurs and the crucial role that the self-employed and SME’s play in the UK economy and for driving growth. However, as Rutley emphasised, it is imperative that the government supports the UK’s businesses. This led to his reflections on export, inspired by a life changing trip to China. The phenomenal rate of growth enjoyed by China should influence the UK as they export to all corners of the world, not just limited to Europe and America.

He also called upon employers to seize opportunities that renewed confidence is bringing, and called upon them to employ the workforce of the future in apprentices. With a view of the future, Rutley also looked to the town’s past citing industrialist Charles Roe as a key player in developing the mining and silk industries in Macclesfield and the mark he made on the town by building Christ Church.

Rutley said: “Macclesfield is an area that is enjoying sustained growth due to a combination of factors. We only have to look to the AstraZeneca site as an example of the way in which dedication to development can revolutionise a business. Earlier this year the future of the site looked uncertain, but now there are a number of businesses looking to build and develop on the site, which will lead to a more sustainable future for the site in the long term.

“It is important to look to sites like Astra Zeneca as an example of the way in which we can build a sustained future for the area.”

Nigel Read, partner at SAS Daniels, said: “The business club is a great opportunity to meet like minded people, and to hear from local experts. David’s insights and thoughts on how the town’s businesses can develop was inspiring and reflected the renewed confidence we’re seeing in our commercial clients.”

Melissa Bowers, director at Harts Chartered Accountants said: “David provided a great snapshot into the area’s history and how this has formed the opportunity for growth today.”