Coronavirus Precautions

Posted: 17th Mar

At Harts, the well-being of our team and clients is at the top of our priorities, as is being there to support and advice you and the business community.

The business landscape has always been ever changing but the rate of change we are seeing at the moment is unprecedented and we will see considerable impact in many areas.

It is important therefore that we work through these changes together and Harts are there to provide whatever assistance we are able.

We already have team members working from home and our telephone system has re-directions in place so contact can still be made via the normal office number.

All of our team will have the technology in place to work from home and to do so securely.

We also still have team members working in the office to ensure key functions are maintained so that you and your business is supported.

In line with government guidance we’ll be keeping business travel and meetings to an absolute minimum but it is vital we keep communication open and fluid.

Where you have had visits from the team to support your bookkeeping functions we will soon be able to provide this support remotely and we will make this as bespoke as possible to your requirements.

Any team members with symptoms of coronavirus have been asked to stay at home to ensure the office remains open. Within the office hand sanitisers and tissues are available for everyone and a regime of regular hand washing has been followed for several weeks already.

I can reassure you we will continue to take appropriate steps to minimise the potential impact of coronavirus and follow a ‘business as usual’ approach to support you and your business.

Please see below for some links you may find helpful.




Please keep in contact and let us know how we can help through the coming months.

Keep safe