Cloud accounting – Get your head in the cloud

Whether you use QuickBooks or Xero we can help

Our bookkeeping service makes use of the latest cloud accounting software. Whether you use QuickBooks or Xero we can help you to determine which is the best software for you to use. We can train you on the use of the software and you will find our subscription prices very competitive.

Access your records from anywhere

With cloud accounting you can access your records from anywhere there is an internet connection and you receive information in real-time. Some of the features include linking your business bank account directly with the software which saves you time and effort. You can send your sales invoices directly from the software to your customers which could help you to get paid quicker. The software also links with plenty of other apps to speed up the processing of transactions.

Hammock – All your property finances in one place.

Being a landlord can be a frustrating experience, managing tennants and building issues, even through an agent. However many of the issues we encounter with our landlord clients center around managing multiple software packages for bookkeeping, personal banking, managing tax etc. but also the paper based accounts, receipts and invoices that oftern acululate. To help our clients with this, we now recommend moving to ‘Hammock’, a cloud based system that greatly simplifies the process and brings all these separate elements together in one place.

How does it work?

All you need to do is add your properties and tenancies to Hammock, securely connect your bank account through Open Banking and leave the rest to us.


Identify, search and filter all transactions related to your rental properties in real-time, even if they spread across multiple bank account.

No more spreadsheets
or paper bank statements


Hammock gives you instant reconciliation of transactions and sends you notifications on all property payments or arrears.

Stay on top of any late or missing payments

Property tax

Hammock provides full visibility on your property tax statement allowing you to plan ahead and avoid any last minute surprise tax bills.

Avoid the last minute tax filing rush


Real-time access to key metrics to track your buy to let investment. Profit and loss statements, loan to value ratio, rental yields, occupancy rates: our calculator does it all for you.

Monitor your income and expenses anytime

How do I access Hammock?

You can log in to Hammock from your desktop, laptop, table and mobile phone. Visit our website here and then download our mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Get in touch

Please do get in touch for more information on how your business can enjoy the benefits of cloud accounting. It’s easier than you think to bring your systems up to date and really see visible improvements and benefits almost immediately. Please click below to arrange a call back of call or Macclesfield office to find out more.

As always, please feel free to get in touch to talk to us about this event or to find out more about our services at Harts Accountants by calling 01625 669669 or email us at info@harts-ltd.com