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Added: 1st Jun
Accountants are not boring - Harts Accountants

Accountants are not boring…..Really!

I’m on a mission! I’ve not been on it for very long, only the last few months. And it’s all the fault of that esteemed title, The Times. They ran an article recently that tried to show that female, bird watching, tax specialists are the most bored people at work.…


Added: 23rd May
Accounting Software - Harts Accountants

Accounting Desktop Software Update: Sage and Quickbooks

Important Notice If you are using Desktop software as your accounting solution this is likely to affect you. Sage has announced that from 30th September 2022 you will not be able to access your data if you are using version 26.2 (v2020) or below.  In order to access your data…


Added: 19th May
Chris Bentley, Tax Accountant

Multiple companies, increased tax bills?

By Chris Bentley, Tax & Forensic Director Increase in corporation tax from April 2023 Next year’s increase in corporation tax from 19% to 25% for companies making profits over £250,000 has been well publicised. The rate will remain 19% for companies with profits of less than £50,000, with a sliding…


Added: 1st Apr
Harts Tax Rates 2022-23

Tax Card 2022-23

Following the recent Spring Budget announcements, the NEW Tax card for 2022-23 is now available to view and download. The Tax Card covers: Income Tax - rates and bands, Savings Income, Dividend IncomeIncome Tax Reliefs - allowances for a personal, married and blind personIndividual Savings AccountsDevolved Income Tax - for…


Added: 31st Jan
Chris Bentley, Tax Accountant

Paying too much tax?

You along with many of our clients may think this is the case, particularly at this time of year when presented with last year’s self-assessment tax return. If you are already of this mindset, the bad news is that there are big tax rises coming in April 2022 and then…


Added: 21st Jan
TAG Community Event - Steven Glicher 20th January 2022

TAG Accountants Community Business Development Webinar

Harts Accountants Consultant Steven Glicher was invited by the TAG Accountants Community to speak at their Business Development Webinar, held on Thursday 20th January 2022. The TAG Accountants Community is a network that supports professional advisers by providing knowledge and experience of the best technicians in the field with the…