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Added: 8th Dec
Harts Accountants - Budgets

The Budgets – A Giveaway and Takeaway!

So we‘ve had our second budget in 2 months. The first one didn’t go too well as it cost both the chancellor and the PM their jobs, interest rates went up and the financial markets hated it. Let’s give away loads of money that we haven’t got and, if we…


Added: 8th Nov
Harts - what are you protesting about?

What are You Protesting About?

Everyone seems to be on a protest or campaign at the moment. We have Just Oil blocking roads, scaling bridges and spraying everything orange. Not sure why orange but how about using other colours as well and covering up some of the graffiti around our streets at the same time?…


Added: 7th Oct
Harts - bad planning or no strategy?

Roadworks – Bad Planning and No Strategy

Roadworks are one of those necessary evils we all have to endure. Sometimes they can’t be avoided but other times it seems they are there just to drive us all to distraction. More and more temporary traffic lights keep popping up where, which whoever has planned the work, seems to…


Added: 18th Dec
Strategic Planning

Why Having a Business Strategy is Vital

by Stephen Glicher We plan to go on holiday or to carry out building work on our house, but when it comes to our own businesses it's surprising how so few of us have a coherent plan and strategy in place. Why have a strategic plan? Do you remember why…