Accountants are not boring…..Really!

Posted: 1st Jun
Accountants are not boring - Harts Accountants

I’m on a mission! I’ve not been on it for very long, only the last few months. And it’s all the fault of that esteemed title, The Times.

They ran an article recently that tried to show that female, bird watching, tax specialists are the most bored people at work. Lawyers weren’t that far behind.

Now I think I’m OK on most points here. I’m not a twitcher and I don’t consider myself to be a tax specialist, but then it got me thinking. Are accountants really that boring? So I’ve taken up the challenge to prove that’s not the case and I’m trying to wipe away years of prejudice against us bean counters and show that despite our much-maligned profession, we are actually quite an exciting bunch.

There’s much more to it than being able to add up (but it helps) and we get involved in helping out an enormous range of businesses not only with their tax and accounts but also helping them to grow and develop. Anything can happen on a daily basis and we have to get under the client’s skin to the heart of the business. Clients are at the heart of everything we do (excuse the pun). When the bad times come, we are there to help them out and guide them along the best path. Buying and selling businesses can be stressful time, but we are there to help and assist in getting the best for you. We develop plans for businesses both large and small and watch them get what they want.

We make use of the latest tech and can help you to do this as well. We act as a sounding board for clients, put on fortnightly webinars, write blogs, make videos and record podcasts (go to our YouTube channel at Harts Limited and see for yourself). We run Question Time events where you get the chance to quiz some industry experts and we make use of Twitter and LinkedIn.

So, I hope I’ve started to sew the seed that we can be interesting at times and it’s not all calculators and pencils. Can you think of a more boring profession? Answers on a postcard, please.

Shall I start you off? Train spotting actuaries!

This article was written by Steven Glicher and appeared in The Heaton Post and Cheadle Post in June 2022